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How To Chose your Photo Book

Photo books are a wonderful way to display  your images. They come with hard back covers and can have lustre, Gloss or Velvet finished Photo wrap covers, or material wrap covers. Photo books are produced using real photographic paper to show your pictures at their highest quality in a lustre, silk or gloss finish.

To see Photo Book cover materials click here.

Photo Books come in the following sizes - 

square sizes - 5x5-8x8-10x10-12x12

Upright or view - 5x4-8x6.4-10x8-12x9.6

View 15x12

Maximum 29 Pages - 30 spreads - 60 sides (eg x60 12"x12")

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Production time 10 working days

Photo book 1

Size 6 Spreads  Extra Spreads
5x5  £22.28 £1.29
8x8 £28.91 £1.59
10x10 £37.58 £2.85
12x12 £44.41 £3.22
Upright or View    
5x4 £21.05 £1.24
8x6.4 £27.22 £1.59
10x8 £38.01 £2.56
12x9.6 £42.17 £3.22
15x12 View £66.50 £5.62

Above prices are 0% VAT (NO VAT ON PHOTOBOOKS)

Optional Extras for Photobooks - add to above prices

Size Leather Cover
5x5 £7.20
8x8 £11.52
10x10 £14.40
12x12 £17.28
Upright Or View  
5x4 £6.72
8x6.4 £11.04
10x8 £13.44
12x9.6 £16.32
15x12 View £20.82

Photo books are normally 5-10mm smaller than quoted sizes to allow for final trimming of pages

Photo book 2

Hard Back Covers

A Hard Back Cover, gives your book a solid and professional feel. The Cover is Laminated to protect the picture in lustre, Velvet or gloss finish. The Photographic pages in the Photobook come in lustre, Silk or gloss finish.




box 2 - small - new


Photobook Size Price per box
5x5 £8.44
8x8 £9.59
10x10 £10.75
12x12 £11.98
5x4 £8.21
8x6.4 £9.32
10x8 £10.51
12x9.6 £11.63
15x12 £14.98



- Please allow 5mm of the image on each side for cutting of final album pages.

Photo book album inside crop

- Please design album to the largest size eg-12x12 for square album or 12x9.6 for upright or view. This allows you to print all album sizes rather than designing a small album and then having to re design the whole album if you want a bigger copy. the 12.9.6 will crop without any image loss to the smaller sizes.



To download Photo Book Page templates click here

These Photo Book Templates are for -

12x12 Square Pages - Hard Back Cover

12x9.6 Landscape Pages - Hard Back Cover

9.6x12 Portrait Pages - Hard Back Cover

The Covers are for a 20mm Spine (Aprox 20 Pages). This size may change with the number of pages you have in your photobook.


photobook wedding


photobook dan