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Double and Triple Folios are available in 8x8 and 5x5 sizes and come complete in a black presentation box.

Folios can have lustre, Gloss or Velvet picture finishs and are presented in any of our 20 cover materials.

To see Folio cover materials click here.

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Production time 5 working days

Size Type Price
5x5 Double - Flat £15.80
5x5 Double - Padded £20.54
5x5 Triple - Flat £21.34
5x5 Triple - Padded £27.73


Size Type Price
8x8 Double - Flat £25.28
8x8 Double - Padded £32.86
8x8 Triple - Flat £34.13
8x8 Triple - Padded £45.64


Optional Extras for Folios - add to above prices

Size Leather Cover
5x5 £4.50
8x8 £5.86


To download Folio templates click here

Save your folio files as 1,2,3 or 1,2 to show which order you would like the pictures to go in. (1 is the left hand side.)

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