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Di is a  wonderful and modern way to display your photographs.

Your photograph is printed, Sealed and mounted onto a 3mm Aluminium Panel.

Production time 5 working days

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To hang your Di we give you a screw and raw plug to use with the Posts on each corner. The posts come in Black and Silver.

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 Di comes in three different finishes

Lamination finishes


Gives a finish very similar to a lustre photograph it can be hung anywhere and is easy to clean.


Gives a reflection free finish which can be hung anywhere and is easy to clean.

High Gloss.

Gives a bright shiny and saturated finish (This material is very shiny and can scratch easily)


All Di Finishes are the same price.

Please type your finish and post colour in the Comments / Notes section on the

customer details page when ordering.


Size Price
10"x8" £27.00
10"x10" £30.00
12"x10" £33.00
12"x12" £36.00
14"x11" £37.50
16"x12" £42.00
16"x16" £48.00
20"x16" £54.00
20"x20" £60.00
24"x20" £66.00
24"x24" £72.00
30"x20" £75.00
30"x24" £81.00
30"x30" £90.00
40"x30" £105.00
40"x40" £120.00


None Standard sizes prices

None Standard size
L"+W" x £1.50 = £ Price - eg 28"+11"x£1.50 = £58.50


We can produce Di upto 40"x40"

For none standard sizes please choose 'None standard size prints' when you order and type the size in the 'Comments / Notes' section of the customer details page.


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