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Black/White Blocks are a wonderful and modern way to display your photographs.

Your photograph is printed and mounted onto a 3/4" BlackWhite MDF Block.

Production time 5 working days

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To hang your Black/White Block we give you a screw and raw plug to use with the wall hanger on the back.

Block Hanger

Or you can have them to Stand. (£1.60 extra)

Block Strut Back

Blocks can also be ordered and hung in collections.

BB Collection


 3/4” Black/White Blocks come in three different finishes

Lamination finishes


Gives a finish very similar to a lustre photograph it can be hung anywhere and is easy to clean.


Gives a reflection free finish which can be hung anywhere and is easy to clean.

High Gloss.

Gives a bright shiny and saturated finish (This material is very shiny and can scratch easily)

All Black/White Block Finish are the same price.

Please type your finish in the Comments / Notes section on the

customer details page when ordering.

Size Price
5"x4" £9.90
5"x5" £11.00
6"x4" £11.00
7"x5" £13.20
8"x6" £15.40
8"x8" £17.60
10"x8" £19.80
10"x10" £22.00
12"x10" £24.20
12"x12" £26.40
14"x11" £27.50
16"x12" £30.80
16"x16" £35.20
20"x16" £39.60
20"x20" £44.00
24"x20" £48.40
24"x24" £52.80
30"x20" £55.00
30"x24" £59.40
30"x30" £66.00
40"x30" £77.00
40"x40" £88.00
50"x40" £99.00
60"x40" £110.00
70"x40" £121.00

None Standard sizes prices

None Standard size
L"+W" x £1.10 = £ Price - eg 28"+11"x£1.10 = £42.90


We can produce Black / White Blocks upto 70"x40"

For none standard sizes please choose 'None standard size prints' when you order and type the size in the 'Comments / Notes' section of the customer details page.


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Black Block Edge - NEW